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i like the internet bc people actually think im cute 

I’ve been up since 6am and I’ve been texting my friend since then and I’m so tired rn and I need to sleep and I feel like she’s mad at me okay

Someone from Korea is on my blog rn and that’s pretty cool bc no one from Korea has ever been on my blog before, as far as I know


it’s really cute when ppl wake up from sleep all disgruntled and pouty but i am not one of those people i wake up ready to kill everything in my path with my bare hands and also fire 


what i learned from school

  1. im a fucking piece of shit
  2. everybody else is also a fucking piece of shit
  3. mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
she doesn't follow u?

Nah, but that’s okay c:

do u follow nizzlekicks?

Yeah! On my main blog and my side blog, she’s great c:

his hand was sliding down my back though, idk if it was actually an accident. he winked after he apologized aND MY MOM WAS RIGHT THERE

I would have left my mom and gave him a blow in the bathroom ngl

once michael accidentally touched my bum and it was so awkward 😂

I would have fell on the floor and sucked his peeeeenis.