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I love you all so much! Thank you for sending in all those requests! :D Below are a list of all of them, starting from the first request down to the latest c:

He’s having a bad day and you cheer him up. Complete. 

You give him a b*ner in front of the other boysComplete.

You overhear him talking about you to the other boys.Complete.

Another boy walks in on you two during an intimate moment. Complete.

You do it in a public placeComplete.

First date as a public coupleComplete.

He gets caught cheatingComplete.

He wants to do it, but you’re on your period.

The power goes outComplete.

What you do when it’s raining

He asks you to slow dance somewhere with no music, so he sings to youComplete.

First date

Meeting your parents

The condom breaks and he gets scared/nervousComplete.

You turn him on in public

You turn him on in front of his family/parents

He cooks for you

You’re sick and he cares for you

You catch him watching p*rnComplete.

You catch him wanking

You walk in on another band member wankingComplete.

He helps you through hate

Raped while he was gone

He sneaks into your house and your parents catch himComplete.

You’re shorter than himComplete.

You guys are getting it on, but he doesn’t get hard

He finds out you cut

He finds your Tumblr/Twitter

You get drunk, make out with a girl and he gets turned on

You’re on your time of the month and get really hyper for no reason

You start talking to your posters

He teaches you to play an instrument

He accidentally gives you food poisoningComplete.

He finds your old merchandiseComplete.

You both stay up late on the internet

When you both fightComplete.

What you do when you can’t sleepComplete.

He finds out you want to be a photographer

You let him style your hair and pick out your outfit

He comes to a school eventComplete.

He finds pictures from your Instagram

One of the members is your long lost twin

He walks in on you masturbating

He turns you on, you both wanna “get it in” but your friend comes and ruins the momentComplete.

You accidentally kick him in the balls. Complete.

You let him know you’re turned on and his reaction - GIF preference

First timeComplete.

You’re taller than him and he doesn’t like it/he thinks it’s awkward

You’re a one night standComplete.

He finds a diary/book you used to write things in when you were youngerComplete.

First time saying I love youComplete.

He walks in on you watching pornComplete.

You’re his step sister and you both really like each other 

He has a wet dream about you while you’re sleeping in the same bedComplete.

Paul interrupts a moment

One of the other boys have a kid and the boy you’re dating is playing with the child

He sees you secretly working outComplete.

He goes to your basketball game 

You have to use the bathroom while on a road trip, so he pulls over and gets turned on

You’re his celebrity crush. He sees you in a risque scene in a movie and he gets “hot and bothered”Complete.

You’re alone with him on a train when it stops for about an hourComplete.

He finds your sex toys / He goes to the sex shop with you

You turn him on in front of your child and he/she asks what ‘it’ is

You get caught cheating on him with another member

Your child walks in on you two having sex

Your child finds sex toys or porn on his/your computer

Skype sex c;

You lie to your parents about his ageComplete.

His reaction when you go down on himComplete.

Your birth control fails and you get pregnant

You are all playing Truth or Dare when one of the boys gets dared to kiss you and the rest goof on him because he’s blushingComplete.

You two are making out and don’t hear the boys come in, so they laugh and take pictures

You walk around the house for the first time in no pantsComplete.

He gets jealous when you meet Tom DaleyComplete.

Parents walk in during an intimate moment

He gets embarrassed in front of youComplete.

You just had a kid so your boobs produce milk and he sees you breastfeeding, so he gets turned on and wants to … suck on ‘emComplete.

Your son gets into a fightComplete.

Your son’s friends find out how hot you areComplete.

Your son’s friends flirt with you

You two are best friends and you give him a bonerComplete.

Your first fight - He’s jealous of your male best friend

You have the same birthday

You’re a huge fan of anime

You call him while he is meeting a group of fans

His parents walk in on you two doing the dirty

You watch adventure time together

Spin the bottle

He’s your teacher and you have sex

You’re both famous and you see fans shipping you

You break up with himComplete.

You break your foot

You’re moving and you get hurt

His reaction to you going into labor

You two have a sleepover and you get your period

You admit to wanting to have a threesome with two of them

He doesn’t show up to an important eventComplete.

You’re best friends and he walks in on you showering

You’re a swimmer and he goes to your practiceComplete.

Picture preference - He gets caught with sex hair

He kisses you when he’s drunkComplete.

He can’t get you pregnant

You lose your virginity to each other

Your first night together

Your first ultrasound

Military series (You’re going; what he thinks while you’re away; you come back)

Your ex texts you and brings you downComplete.

You’re one of the band mates sisters, your dating one of the boys and he catches you doing something sexual

First time you wear heels

First time you wear make-up

You’re a Victoria Secrets angel (Excited about this one!)

You catch your best friend flirting with him

He’s the nerd in school and gets teased that you two will never happen

A lot of people ship you together, but you’re already dating someone and you somehow end up together

I am so excited to write these! Thank you so much for sending them in, I’ll try my hardest to write them for you guys c: xx


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