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Preference #18 - You accidentally hit him in the balls *Request*
Zayn: You were practicing your cheer for the school's cheer leading team. You were team captain and you had a lot leg work to do. Just as you had to do some sort of developpe, Zayn came up behind you. Having little knowledge of that, you extended your legs and heard a groan. You turn around to see Zayn rolling on the floor, grabbing his crotch. "Oh my gosh babe! I'm sorry!" You bent down to him, holding back your laughs. He just groaned and you helped him up. He fell over onto the couch, and you ran to get him ice. Unsure of what to do, you just shoved it on the area and he squealed. "Sorry!" You kissed him, and tended to his every need that night.
Liam: When Liam went to the gym, he convinced you to take kickboxing classes. Since then, you were hooked and loved how you felt as if you can defend yourself. You were at the gym, working it on a punching bag. Liam wanted to surprise you, so he snuck up behind you. "Boo!" "AHHH!" You screamed and on defense, kicked him, straight in the balls. "OW!" He shouted, groaning in pain as he hit the floor. "Shit Liam! I'm sorry! Why the fuck would you scare me?!" "I wanted to surprise you." He whispered out. "Well, I was surprised." You laughed and he moaned. You took your water bottle which was filled ice cold water and handed it to him. He held it to his crotch and sighed. You laid on the floor next to him and started kissing him. Let's just say, he wasn't sore for long.
Louis: "Louis, get off." You laughed, gasping for air. You and Louis were talking when you admitted Niall was the best hugger you knew. You two then broke out in a tickle war. "Say I'm better!" "Get off!" You laughed. "Say it." "You're a better kisser." "That's not what I asked for." You started kicking your legs when your shin slipped in between his legs and you kicked his manhood. He instantly fell over, moaning and swearing. "Babe! Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!" You giggled and he gave you a smile. "That's okay. Just make sure you're here to kiss it." He said painfully. You shoved him and got him ice and he calmed down. "Better?" "Yeah, but I still need you to kiss it." Let's just say, Louis got a special gift that night.
Harry: "Girls can be stronger than guys." "In an alternate world." "I'm stronger than you!" "No you're not!" And that was the conversation that started a wrestle match between you and Harry. Right now, he had you pinned down, smirking as he whispered on your neck. "I told you." You kneed him, right in the balls and he knelt over, murmuring swears. "I told you." You whispered back and he quickly agreed, causing you to smile. The mothering side then came over you and you helped him nurse it back. "It may need a massage." He winked and you glared at him. "Girls are definitely good at that." He added and you rolled your eyes. Later that night, he got that massage he begged for.
Niall: Slaving away in the kitchen, you were making a beautiful dinner for you and your parents who were coming over. Niall was at the studio, but you didn't know he came home early. You were stirring the pasta in the pot when two hands started to massage your shoulders. Scared, you threw your elbow back, elbowing the person in the crotch. "Holy shit!" Niall yelled and you instantly felt bad. "Baby! Holy crap, I'm sorry!" He yelled out his pain, limping when he started to walk three minutes later. "Good reflexes." He nodded and you hugged him. "I'll be having an extra meal tonight to make it up to you." His eyes widened, quickly turning into crescents as he smirked. "Bring the 'cookie'." He said. "Bring the milk." You agreed and your parents came in. "We brought dessert hun!" Your mother shouted, causing you and Niall to double over in laughter.
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