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Preference #49 - Your son’s friends find out how hot you are *Part 1* *Requested*
A/N: Quick not guys, usually I'll put [Y/S/N] (your son's name) in preferences such as this one, but I feel like it would be a bit easier to use a name c: xx
Zayn: "Ohh James." You sighed, plugging his phone out of his charger. You looked at the clock. He has to be at school by now. You saw you had some time before home room started, so you quickly ran out and drove to his school. You parked a block away and saw him goofing around with his friends in the school yard. "James!" You shouted and waved him over. Knowing him, he'll get annoyed if you embarrass him in front of his friends. "Hey mom, what's up?" "You forgot your phone." "Thanks mom!" He smiled, silencing it and putting it in his bookbag. "Holy crap James." One of his friends whispered. You smiled and he hugged you. "Okay mom ... bye!" James pried his friend off. "Awe what, no goodbye kiss?" You goofed and James turned red. "I'm kidding. Bye babe, you coming home later?" "No, I was hoping we can-" "Go to your house!" His blue eyed friend said, reminding you of your best friend Niall. "Well, I won't be there, so of course. Just clean your room." "Forget it, if you're not there ..." his hugging buddy said, silver blue eyes glowing like your cousin, Louis'. "Oh ... okay then! Get to class you three!" You smiled, and turned around, walking away. "Bye mom!" "Bye Mrs. Malik!" "BYE BABE!" You recognized the Louis lookalike's voice. "Shut up man that's my mom!" "She's freaking hot!" "How dare you not give her a goodbye kiss!"
Liam: "Mommmm I'm homeee!" Your son, Peter called from the door, followed by a bang. "In the kitchen!" You called back and he came rummaging in, three friends behind him. "Hey mom, we're gonna do homework and then go out." "Okay, no problem." You smiled as you notice the three teenage boys gaping. "Um ... hello?" You laugh and they snap out of it, blushing. "Wow, Peter, your dad scored." One piped up and you blushed, blinking back your surprised state. "Dude!" Your son slapped him and he winced. "Mrs. Payne, please excuse my language, but you're damn sexy." "Oh my gosh." Peter's face burned a bright red as he ran to his room. "Mrs. Payne, you're so fit." You laughed, nodding and crossing your arms. "Thank you ... but I think Peter might be-" "Lucky." You chuckled, shaking your head. "I'll get my husband after you three." "Bye Mrs. Payne!" "Nice meeting you!" "Bye!" They all ran after Peter, the door to his room slamming. "THAT'S MY MOM!" You heard Peter shout and then a bunch of arguments afterwards.
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